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Native Forest Organic Hearts of Palm

14 OZ

Native Forest Organic Hearts of PalmNative Forest Organic Hearts of Palm are wonderful delicacies. They offer a fine example of a socially and ecologically responsible enterprise. The wild palms themselves are a renewable resource, once harvested, the stalks regenerate fully. Employment is provided for the indigenous and local communities who have learned who, where and when to cut the plants for the maintenance of the species and repopulation. Exemplary handling of the native South American forests and the careful processing of the hearts of palm has provided the basis of the organic certification of Native Forest Hearts of Palm.To enjoy, cut and add hearts of palm to a salad; serve them with vinegar and oil to make a cold appetizer, or warm them in the oven with butter, parmesan cheese and spices.
Organic Wild Hearts of Palm, Water, Salt, Citric Acid.